About Us

There's no secrets to what we do - we aim to keep prices as low as possible on all the brands you love! PricedLess is an off-price retailer that strives to bring real value to our customers through a combination of excellent quality, top brands and a fair price.

We like to find Bargains, just like you

Just like our customers, we are always on the lookout for the newest and hottest products from all them top designer brands. We buy from all sorts of Vendors, all over the world, to keep our products fresh, stocked and ready to buy. 

Our buyers are ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial, so when a brand overproduces, or other stores overbuy, we swoop in, negotiate the lowest possible price and pass the savings on.

When it's gone, it's gone

Whilst we are constantly striving to add to our inventory, our products are almost always unreplenishable. So, if you like the look something, make sure you grab it! The next day it may not be there. 

The amount we buy of each brand varies greatly - sometimes we buy a little and at other times, we may buy a lot. New products are added every day, so keep checking back!